The Curiosity Code

The Key to Unlocking Human Potential


Maximize Potential With Curiosity Code System

The first assessment of its kind, the Curiosity Code Index is dedicated to helping you understand the things that might influence how much you embrace your natural curiosity.

We all have different levels of curiosity and are impacted differently by many of the factors we take for granted. Understanding how to spark the natural desire to explore new areas of interest will make a meaningful impact on our future selves.

Curiosity Code

Discover Factors That Limit Curiosity

For individuals, leaders, and companies to be successful, they must determine the things that hold curiosity hostage. Think of the most innovative companies and you will notice they employ people who do not accept the status quo, they evolve with the times, they look for problems to solve, and focus on asking questions. Healthy conflict and engagement are essential. It’s time to cultivate a culture of curiosity and innovation.

The Key to Unlocking Human Potential

The Curiosity Code Index (CCI) will provide an action plan to transform individuals and organizations to help improve areas impacted by curiosity, including innovation, engagement, creativity, and productivity. By developing curiosity and the ability communicate without fear of repercussions, second-guessing, or judgmental response, employees can be better aligned and emotionally committed to their jobs, which in turn, can lead to improved productivity.

Discover today what is holding your curiosity hostage so you can start maximizing your potential, improving your engagement, and boosting your productivity.

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cracking the curiosity code book

The Book That Started It All

Cracking The Curiosity Code

Everyone is born curious. So, what happens? Why do some people become less curious than others? In Dr. Diane Hamilton’s provocative new book, she uncovers the next movement to enhance human performance, a critical and direct link to improving motivation and communication-based issues that challenge organizations. By learning what things inhibit our natural levels of curiosity, we can learn ways to become open to experiencing opportunities.

Drawing on decades of research and incorporating interviews from some of the top leaders of our time, Hamilton examines the factors that influence curiosity including fear, assumptions, technology, and environment (FATE). This timely book gives critical advice for how to overcome the factors that hold individuals and organizations back from achieving their full potential. Cracking the Curiosity Code is intended for everyone in today’s modern workplace.

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